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World Intellectual Property Day - April 26

To increase common understanding and awareness of what Intellectual Property (IP) really means WIPO member states chose April 26 – the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World IP Day.
Since then, IP Day offers exciting opportunities every year to join with others around the globe, to highlight, discuss and demonstrate how the IP system contributes to the flourishing of music and the arts and to driving the scientific & technological innovation that helps to shape our world. Every year on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day celebrates innovation and creativity and how intellectual property fosters and encourages them to make our globe better.

Theme For 2012

The theme for 2012 focuses on Visionary Innovators – individuals whose ingenuity and artistry have broken molds, opened new horizons and made a lasting impact.Behind every great innovation, either artistic or technological, is a human story – a tale in which new pathways open as a result of the curiosity, insight or determination of individuals.

The Wright Brothers’ boyhood fascination with flight leads to a flying machine and travel by air. Louis Pasteur’s inquisitive mind advances the science of disease prevention. Tu Youyou’s dogged analysis of herbal remedies results in a malaria treatment that saves millions of lives. Steve Jobs’ ambition to make digital technology simple and accessible to everyone gives rise to personal computing and – three decades on – a new paradigm for the delivery of entertainment.

The list of visionary innovators is long. It is a catalogue of human ingenuity and creativity. It includes the many artists, writers and musicians who changed the way we see and hear things: Rembrandt and Turner, Picasso and Kandinski, each reshaping our perceptions of light, shape and form; Chekhov and Tagore, Neruda and Mafouz, their writing giving new insights into the human experience; Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, Hendrix and Rostropovich – musicians who challenge the status-quo, and endure.

You can see the themes from previous years, as well as the related artwork, Director General’s messages and member states’ activities, in the World IP Day archives.

WIPO receives posters every year from its member states and from other organizations around the globe – going back to the first World IP Day in 2001.

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